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Integrating the internet using Broadband

Increase the efficiency of your business by utilizing your resources to capacity. We will work with you to develop a local area network that will allow you to begin sharing peripherals such as printers, modems and data storage devices, as well as increase communication among your staff by allowing file sharing, internet access and electronic mail.  With a LAN, your business can combine outside access to the Internet, and eliminate those costly individual dialup accounts.   We will match your needs with your budget and design the fastest, most robust network configuration for your business based on the latest technologies.

With experience from the leaders in the networking industry combined with an extensive network of associates and contacts, we can help you solve all your complex networking problems.  Whether it's connecting two workstations or hundreds of workstations, servers, and remote offices, Marathon Tech International, Inc. has a budget conscious solution custom designed for your environment.

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